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Still Got Questions about Audible French?

Who would benefit from Audible French?

  • Tourists on their way to France or another French speaking country
  • Total beginners
  • Current students of French who need a little additional help

What's included?

The complete course is broken into six sections.

  • Section One provides the student with helpful tips and techniques for getting the most out of Audible French.
  • Section Two is a glossary of words necessary for spending time in a French-speaking environment, which covers the following ten topics; Greetings, Socializing, Traveling, Hotel, Emergencies, Eating Out, Shopping, The Weather, Numbers, and Days & Time.
  • Section Three fits these words into phrases – for example, Section Two contains the word "restroom," and Section Three turns this into "I need to find a restroom."
  • Section Four contains a series of engaging conversations using the Section Three phrases; you'll want to use them to test your knowledge and understanding of French.
  • Section Five contains tips for keeping your motivation high.
  • And finally, Section Six will teach you just the French grammar you need.

Is Audible French for newbies?

Absolutely! No prior French experience is required.

Does it contain step-by-step instructions?

Yes, there is a 7-day study plan included.

Can I download my course material?

Yes you can download the MP3 audio files of all the lessons with English/French narration. The English/French transcripts of the conversational lessons can also be downloaded in PDF format and printed out.

Can I use the course on my iPad or Smartphone?

Yes, our MP3 audio clips will play on all modern devices. If you can play the audio clips in our free section with the device in question then it will work on our complete course too.

Can I try the course before buying?

We absolutely encourage you to try our free package before you buy our complete course.

How long does my membership last?

You have lifetime access! There's no monthly fees like most other courses out there.

What are the computer system requirements?

Any normal computer with internet access will work. If you can browse the Internet and play audio clips, this course will work for you. 

How Can You Pass This Up?

This online French learning package could make all the difference between success in learning French, and having another experience of failure. Click on the button below, and try Audible French FREE today!

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