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Audible French affiliate programWelcome to the Audible French Affiliate Program! Here you will find resources and information that will assist you in promoting our product.

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The possibilities are endless how much money you can make with our Audible French course! You make an industry leading 75% on all sales. That's anything between*$24.92 and $45.73 commission for each sale.

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Audible French sells for $37 and $67
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YOU get $24.92 for a $37 sale and $45.73 for a $67 sale!

*(ClickBank deducts $3.77 and $6.03 before the 75% commission is calculated)

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Product Images

Below are our product images that you can use on your own site to market Audible French. You can resize these images so that they will fit your site. Please contact us if you require bigger images.

Audible French
(Main French course)

Audible French


27 Things to Avoid When Learning French
(Bonus e-book customers receive when they join our main course)


27 Things to Avoid no shade


Banner Ads

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Writing a Product Review

A good way to market Audible French on your language learning site is in the form of a product review. Try to write an unbiased review and provide your reader with useful info about our course. Feel free to contact us to get free access to the member’s area.

If you already have other French course reviews on your site you can easily add the following paragraph at the bottom of those reviews to start recommending Audible French.

“You might also be interested in Audible French. This little course is perfect for newbies and people who need to learn basic French fast before they visit a French-speaking country. Since Audible French is less expensive than most other French courses on the market it’s perfect for your pocket too. Click here to learn more.”

(Remember to add your affiliate link inside the paragraph above.)

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